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We’re not your average Martial Arts school. EGA focuses on the importance of engaging children with physical activity in a fun environment to practice the importance of living a healthier and more positive lifestyle. Respect, Discipline, Self-Defense and Confidence are



EGA offers a variety of programs for all ages and genders. A Martial Arts academy with many facets for competitors, hobbyists, children and those chasing goals EGA has a program for YOU!


Open Mat

At EGA, we believe in the power of community and in forging strong bonds with like-minded martial artists. We seek to promote a positive Jiu Jitsu culture, free from the shackles of politics and dogmatic approaches to learning...


Are you interested in training at Evolution Grappling Academy? Click the link below to hear what the Pro's and our Members have to say about EGA...
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At Evolution Grappling Academy, we pride ourselves on fostering a positive atmosphere in a low pressure setting. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is meant for everyone, regardless of age or level of fitness. Every journey starts with a single step. To begin your journey, please contact us


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