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Keenan Cornelius Seminar at Evolution Grappling Academy!

Monday, November 20th - 6:30pm

On Monday, November 20th Keenan Cornelius will be conducting a Seminar at Evolution Grappling Academy in Beacon, NY. The attire for the Seminar will be in the Gi. The seminar will be from 6:30pm and end at 9:30pm. To purchase your tickets to the Keenan Cornelius Seminar at Evolution Grappling Academy...
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Successful weekend for Evolution Grappling Academy

Evolution Grappling Academy has a busy but successful weekend. This past weekend was an eventful one for Evolution Grappling Academy(EGA). Students  competed in 3 different states, on 3 different platforms in 2 days. On Saturday, several students headed out to New Haven, CT for the North American Grappling Association’s (NAGA) event. Saturday night, the fighters of...
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Big Victories for two Beacon MMA fighters!

  1. Two 1st round finishes for Beacon MMA Fighters

This past weekend was an eventful one for Evolution Grappling Academy(EGA); a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts School located in Beacon, NY. EGA Striking Coach Nick Spencer made his Mixed Martial Arts debut Saturday evening in Vermont, along side teammate and training partner...

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8 Details to Finishing Leg Locks

Leg Locks. They are the fastest developing submission in Grappling tournaments across the globe. With that said,  it’s time for grapplers across the board to begin understanding them. Whether or not you choose to be a “Leg Locker”, one should have a comprehensive understanding of Leg Lock awareness for both offensively and defensively addressing Leg...
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Mastering Leg Locks: A guide to proper foot positions

Four Foot positions that will change your Leg Locks.

The Rise of Leg locks

At the forefront of the Jiu Jitsu scene, one submission hold in particular, is taking the Submission Wrestling world by storm. At grappling tournaments across the country, grappler’s are conquering their foes via Leg locks. The numbers don’t lie. The Eddie Bravo...

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