Kids BJJ Classes in Beacon, building Leaders

At Evolution Grappling Academy we are all about building tomorrow’s leaders, today. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an incredible tool for self-improvement, overcoming obstacles, physical problem solving and working with others. One of the most important lessons for anyone to learn in Jiu Jitsu is that loss does not equate to failure, loss is an experience that we learn and grow from. The tools that a student acquires through their experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu does not strictly adhere to the confines of the mat, but are applicable to the routines of daily life. Fostering an environment that promotes the “Hard work & Positive attitude” tenet is easily achievable when kids are able to have fun, while playing “games” that are actually designed to enhance the students’ skills. For a child, the learning process can be boring or create inattentiveness at times, but Jiu Jitsu engages children in a fun and interactive setting making them want to learn, making them want to pay attention. 

Evolution Grappling Academy is home to many young hard workers and diligent practitioners and it’s important to bring the motto “Hard Work Pays Off” to life, to show students that going above and beyond what is expected, puts them on the path to achieving many great things. Within the last two weeks one of our Jr. Warriors was recognized on 3 separate occasions for their outstanding leadership qualities. Positive Attitude, Confidence, Enthusiasm, Compassion, Hard Work Ethic, Communication, and Respect for themselves as well as those around them are just some of the qualities that have been recognized on behalf of this student.

Student Leadership Spotlight: James A.

Coach Mike with James and his Eagle Award

Coach Mike with James and his Eagle Award

Meet James. James is your normal 10 year old. James started training Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Fishkill at Evolution Grappling Academy when he was 8. When Evolution Grappling Academy moved and began teaching Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes in Beacon, NY James followed and continued his training. A year and a half into his Jiu Jitsu journey, James is a Grey and White belt with 6 stripes, splitting the honors of senior student with one of his best friends, training partners and first cousin, Alexandra. As his Coach, I often see James, helping others willingly at his own accord. Always bringing a positive attitude onto the mats and ready to work hard, James is humble and modest yet confident and focused. Recently, James was awarded at his elementary school with the Eagle Award for having a positive attitude and displaying respect for his school, his peers and himself. When I heard the great news, I was very proud, but I wasn’t surprised because I see the quality of character that James possesses on a frequent basis inside the academy. A week or two after James received the Eagle Award, one of his teachers reached out to me on Social media, to share an experience she had with James. She had no prior knowledge of him training with me, it was completely coincidental that their paths crossed in a six degrees of separation fashion.

“So I’m teaching P.E. Today and I’m doing warm ups with my class and I notice one boy is doing perfect push-ups and doubling up on all the other boys. Then he continued to kill it all class. I go over to compliment him: “wow- you must be an athlete. What do you play?” And I swear he stuck his chest out so proud and goes “actually I do jui jitZu”. Of course I ask him where next and turns out he’s one of yours! He went on to tell me how exciting walking in the parade was! Just had to share! Very proud young man!”

                                                         – Ms. Ryan

As a coach, It’s always rewarding to hear praise and positive compliments about a student, especially their behavior and demeanor outside the confines of the academy and beyond the mat. James and his peers at Evolution Grappling Academy make me proud because they understand the importance of what they’re taught, not simply the physical techniques but the combination of the social benefits, the character development and the physical development to aid in the overall growth of leadership qualities.  When I asked James’ mother Michelle about the recognition James’ has been receiving  on behalf of his character, she said

“I’m so very proud of him. James has always been kind, caring and considerate. At times, James can be timid; however through Jiu jitsu I believe it has helped him overcome the shyness. He’s excited to share his knowledge of whatever he is taught in class. He is learning that failure doesn’t mean to quit or give up but rather to use loss as a learning to grow and become a stronger individual and competitor.”

All of us over at Evolution Grappling Academy would like to wish a huge Congratulations to James for the recognition he has received, on behalf of his character and Leadership.

If you’re interested in providing your child with Kids BJJ classes in Fishkill , or Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes in Beacon, NY contact us today on our website, call us at 845-214-8134 or message us on Facebook at Evolution Grappling Academy. We are centrally located in Beacon, a 10 minute drive for BJJ classes in Cold Spring, NY with an equal amount of travel time if your interested in BJJ Classes in Wappingers Falls. The Jiu Jitsu experience is a wonderful experience for children. Equip your child with the tools of Jiu Jitsu TODAY

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