GIRL POWER: 12 yr old Grappler dominates Jr H.S. Wrestling

As the only female wrestler in the district.

Wrestling season has come to a close for the Jr. High School students of the Wappingers district. Out of the many great performances from all of the young wrestlers, there’s one grappler in particular that stands out. Compiling a record of 8-1 on the season, the only female wrestler in the district pinned her way to victory in 5 matches. Her name is Isabelle, the seventh grader is a student of Evolution Grappling Academy in Beacon, NY.

From Shy to Fly at Evolution Grappling Academy

Two years ago, Isabelle walked into Evolution Grappling Academy with her family. Her parents wanted their shy and sweet daughter to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to build confidence and avoid being the victim of bullying. Isabelle ’Izzy’ was quite shy at first, but quickly warmed up to the fun and friendly environment on the mats at Evolution Grappling Academy.

Evolution Grappling Academy Coach Adam with Izzy

After competing and winning several Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments over the next two years, I recommended that Izzy try out for the Jr High Wrestling team. Wrestling is a beautiful art, it teaches many lessons that apply to every day life. You will be faced with adversity, you will be pushed to your physical limit and then pushed past it, you will want to give up, you will want to skip practice…but you don’t, because adversity is a tool for an individual’s growth and development and it leads to perseverance. 

As a coach, to see your student leave their comfort zone and try something totally different from what they’re used to, in an environment they have never experienced before is nothing short of inspiring. Then, to witness that student perform exceptionally well, is motivating. There’s no substitute for hard work. To work hard and apply yourself at the level you’re capable of will show all the difference on a wrestling mat, or in everyday life. 

Izzy and her brother Nico representing Evolution Grappling at NAGA

Congratulations to Isabelle, who has been offered to try out for the Jr Varsity team next season as an 8th grader.

The Women’s Wrestling Movement

Women’s wrestling is experiencing a rapid growth movement. In the last 25 years women’s wrestling in high school has grown from 804 participants (1994) to 16,562 (2018). In 2004, Women’s wrestling became recognized as an Olympic Sport. In 2018, 48 colleges now sponsor a womens varsity wrestling program. Lastly, women’s high wrestling participation numbers are higher than the NCAA sponsored sports of crew, fencing, skiing, and rifle and NCAA emerging sports of rugby, sand volleyball, and equestrian.


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