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Mastering Leg Locks: A guide to proper foot positions

Four Foot positions that will change your Leg Locks.

The Rise of Leg locks

At the forefront of the Jiu Jitsu scene, one submission hold in particular, is taking the Submission Wrestling world by storm. At grappling tournaments across the country, grappler’s are conquering their foes via Leg locks. The numbers don’t lie. The Eddie Bravo...

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New Study: Grappling, most common skill in Hand 2 Hand combat

A look into Evolution Grappling Academy's “Combat Grappling System” : A Hand to Hand (H2H) Combat system designed for civilian Self-Defense and Law Enforcement Officers. On a daily basis Law Enforcement officers around the world put themselves and their safety at risk in the line of duty. Now more then ever, Officers are being faced with...
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