About Sambo Master Vlad Koulikov

Master Vladislav “Vlad” Koulikov is a renowned Sambo Practitioner, and Teacher. An expert Martial Artist, Vlad holds the rank of “Master of Sport” in Sambo, the rank of 2nd Dan in Judo(2nd degree blackbelt), Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and 1st Degree black belt in Karate. Vlad’s success is impart due to his open-minded philosophy which he calls “Sambo Fusion”, blending what works best from Sambo and Jiu Jitsu. As a youth, Vlad trained at the prestigious Sambo-70 Academy in Moscow, Russia. Sambo-70 is a very prominent and highly respected educational institution, with it’s secondary schooling being in the art of Sambo, physical education and living a healthier lifestyle.


Vlad demonstrating an armbar technique at one of his seminars

Vlad came to the United States in the late 1990’s, at this time the competitive grappling scene in the U.S. was in it’s infancy stages. Vladislav would find himself entering the ascending grappling scene, winning the first ever, prestigious title of Grappler’s Quest “Most Technical Grappler Award”. With his success in submission grappling, Vlad began fighting in “NHB” or “No Holds Barred” matches, commonly referred to in present day as “Mixed Martial Arts”. Making a name for himself in the Martial Arts community, Vlad ran a very successful academy “Ultimate Sambo” along with his wife at the time, in Florida, NY.


Vlad on the set of a Pilot tv Show

Vlad is credited with an unparalleled ability of teaching techniques, dissecting and explaining the key details in movements that make a whole move seem simple to advanced grapplers as well as the most novice of martial artists. His ability to translate the details of techniques so fluently, has seen him star in multiple instructional DVDs. Vlad has shown his instructional skills in the 10 DVD set of “Sambo Submission Fighting” as well as three individually released sets produced by Budovideos entitled “Sambo Jiu Jitsu Fusion; Takedowns and Throws”, “Sambo Jiu Jitsu Fusion: Groundwork” and “Sambo Jiu Jitsu Fusion: Leg locks”. Most recently, Vlad teamed up with friend and fellow leg locker Roli Delgado to produce the  “Illegal Leglocks” series. A highly praised  instructional series amongst critics.

Vlad conducts Seminars,Work Shops and Camps world wide. Often traveling all around the United States on a weekly basis. If you’re interested in booking Vladislav Koulikov for a seminar he can be contacted at www.sambofusion.com. If you live, or are visiting the tri-state area Vlad is available for private lessons and teaches at 3 different locations. Vlad instructs at Evolution Grappling Academy in Beacon, NY, Soul Fighters Brewster in Brewster, NY and Axios Fitness, Kickboxing and MMA.


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