Beacon MMA Fighter wins by 15 Second KO in Debut

Beacon MMA fighter,  lifelong city of Beacon resident and 2012 Beacon High School graduate Cristian “Cub” Wassweiler made his Amateur Mixed Martial Arts debut last Saturday in Queens, NY at Aggressive Combat Championship 11. The venue playing host to the event would be the historic Queens Theatre in Flushing Meadows. Fans, Fighters and Coaches were anticipating an exciting, action packed evening of Mixed Martial Arts Competition, and that’s exactly what they would recieve. The nostalgic and historically filled complex in Flushing Meadows – Corona Park was home to the 1939 World’s Fair as well at 1964’s. Additionally, the Unisphere, Citi Field, The Queens Museum of Art and the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center are all located within the renowned complex. Arriving at the location for the event, there was without a doubt a certain aura in the atmosphere. Maybe it was the historic advancement of humankind that once filled the complex in the form of the World’s Fair or maybe it was the fact that Cub was about to make his Mixed Martial Arts debut.

Cub Wassweiler is 20 years old. He’s been a student of the Martial Arts his entire life. His father, a well-respected  LT. in NYS Corrections is a Martial Artist, as well as Cub’s older brother Joe. Starting at a young age with Karate, Cub’s parents put him and his brother into wrestling as well(also a martial art). Cub would go on to wrestle for Beacon High School.  Cristian earned the nickname “Cub” while training at Evolution Grappling Academy, at the time a Fishkill Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  school. Cub’s attributes of playfulness, aggression, strength, will and his babyface determined his nickname. The decision to make the jump into Mixed Martial Arts was an easy one, Cub has won multiple tournaments in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Wrestling over the past year,  aside from being a life long “Striker” (a martial artist who’s background focuses primarily on punches and kicks). While most 20 year olds spend their free time relaxing or partying, Cub is the exception, working fulltime and spending his free time at his Beacon MMA School Evolution Grappling Academy.

Cub lands a beautiful right cross

Cub lands a beautiful right cross


Aggressive Combat Championships was a great event with two championship titles on the line. Cub would be the 12th match out of 14 on the card. He would be fighting advanced rules amateur MMA, this meant the rules were the same as professional MMA with the exception of Knee strikes to the head and Elbow strikes were off limits. Cheering on Cub in his match would be the “EGA TRIBE!” 30 of his closest friends, teammates and training partners. In his corner would be his Striking coach and teammate Nick Spencer and his Head Coach and teammate Mike Palladino (owner of the Beacon MMA school). The featherweight division of 145lbs is where Cub would be making his debut against David Cascone, who would be stepping into the cage for the 3rd time in his Amateur Career.


Beacon Mixed Martial Arts fighter with a devastating KO!

As the referee called both fighters to the center of the ring for the ceremonial “Glove Touch”, the fighters were just seconds away from all the hard work, sacrifice, and commitment of a grueling training camp that led them here in the first place. “Fighters go back to your corners.” was next command shouted by the referee.  Addressing both fighters, “Are you ready?” –  “Are you ready?”  – “FIGHT!”.  Both fighters rushed to take control of the center of the cage. “Cub” fired the first shots, a combo of 1-2-3, with his right-cross landing nicely. Following with another left hook and right leg kick to the body of David Cascone that made a piercing “FWAP!”  throughout the arena. Cascone catching the bodykick on its retrieval, and firing a right hand that led Cub to the clinch to land a beautiful knee to the body. As Cascone attempted to mimic by trying a knee strike of his own, Cub caught his knee and went for a spinning takedown, falling down but recovering with a bodylock. Picking Cascone up and diving to the ground with him for one of the most thunderous slams I’ve ever seen. Cascone was out cold! Completely knocked out from the slam. What seemed like an eternity, was a mere 15 second fight from start to finish. An absolutely incredible debut for Beacon MMA star Cristian “Cub Wassweiler, the future is bright for Cub Wassweiler and his Beacon MMA School.

Coach Mike Palladino. Cub Wassweiler and Coach Nick Spencer

Beacon MMA Coach Mike Palladino. Cub Wassweiler and Coach Nick Spencer


Here’s the video (Parental Advisory: EXPLICIT LYRICS)

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