Beacon MMA Fighter with another 1st round stoppage!

The Promotion

Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. In the United States, it’s surge in popularity has lead to over 20 seasons of a hit TV Show in “The Ultimate Fighter”, and a prime-time deal with Fox has brought MMA to the forefront of Combat Sports. Although legal in 49 states, NY is the only state that has still not lifted it’s ban on the sport. However, with organizations like Aggressive Combat Championship (ACC) providing bothfighters and spectators with the experience of a professionally ran event, there’s no doubt Professional MMA will be a success in NY. Beacon MMA Fighter Cristian “Cub” Wassweiler stepped into the cage for the 3rd time this past Saturday to compete in the Featherweight Division for the 13th installment of Aggressive Combat Championship . ACC is the most prominent Amateur Mixed Martial Arts promotion in NY state. Running their events on the historic stage of the Queens Theater in Corona Park, ACC have quickly solidified their place at the top of the fight scene here in NY. With a full on sanctioning body, educated officials and honest match making, it’s no doubt why ACC reigns as the premier promotion in NY.

L: Coach Mike Palladino, C: Cub Wassweiler, R: Cornerman Joe Wassweiler Photo Courtesy of Danny Munessar Photography

L to R: Coach Mike Palladino, Cub Wassweiler, Cornerman Joe Wassweiler
Photo Courtesy of Danny Munessar Photography

The Fight

Outside Leg Kick Photo Courtesy of Danny Munessar Photography

Outside Leg Kick
Photo Courtesy of Danny Munessar Photography

Beacon native Cristian “Cub” Wassweiler was the 9th fight on a card of 12. His opponent, Steve Sierra out of Chute Boxe, had finished his last fight by TKO after a vicious combination of punches left his opponent dazed and confused. Coming from a gym named Evolution Grappling Academy, many would assume Cub’s gameplan would be to take the fight to the ground quickly. That assumption was what EGA had hoped for as this Camp, Cub spent a lot of time honing his striking skills. As the bell rung, confirming the official start of the fight, Cub came out with fluid movement, clearly displaying his comfort of keeping this fight on the feet. After some very powerful leg kicks, and precise execution of the Jab, Cub doubled up on leg kicks. Sierra caught the second leg kick and attempted to take the fight to the ground. A natural scrambler, Cub came up on top as the fight was now on the ground. Immediately passing the guard of his opponent, Wassweiler would advance to full mount on his opponent, reigning down devastating punches that would leave Sierra bloodied up and desperate. Desperate to avoid the continued punishment, Sierra turned his back, a natural mistake. Cub got his “hooks” in and locked on a RNC, a variation his coach calls the “Pry-Bar” a wicked combination of a choke, a face crank and a spinal crank. Once locked up, Sierra was soon tapping, officially conceding defeat. One minute and thirty-four seconds into the first round and it was all over.


In full mount Cub reigns down punches Photo Courtesy of Danny Munessar Photography

In full mount, Cub reigns down punches
Photo Courtesy of Danny Munessar Photography

The Fighter

Cristian Wassweiler better known as “Cub” is a 21 year old, born and raised in Beacon, NY. Cristian graduated Beacon High School in 2012. Upon graduating, he went to Dutchess Community College to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. Growing up in Beacon, Cristian’s father Joe enrolled both of his sons into the Martial Arts early. A Martial Artist himself, Joe put both of his boys into the Beacon Wrestling Youth Program as well the local Beacon Karate School. Cristian was raised doing Mixed Martial Arts before it was a coined termed. Although it wasn’t under the same roof, by practicing both Wrestling and Karate, Cristian established both a base and comfort in the striking aspect, as well as the grappling aspects of combat. In March of 2014, Cristian began his training at Evolution Grappling Academy (EGA), at the time a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School in Fishkill, NY. It would be at EGA, where Cristian was dubbed “Cub”.

The Rear Naked Choke finish Photo Courtesy of Danny Munessar Photography

The Rear Naked Choke finish
Photo Courtesy of Danny Munessar Photography

The Cub

The nickname “Cub” was given to him by Head Coach at EGA Mike Palladino. “When Cristian first started training at EGA, I instantly saw his potential. He was very talented, but there was a playful-aggression to it, similar to that of a Tiger or Lion Cub that is clueless to the fact that one day it’s going to become a fierce killer, or the king of the jungle.” he continued “Cub is one of the hardest workers I know, he embodies the demeanor or a true martial artist. He’s quiet, humble and focused. His practice is performed with intent. His work ethic is unmatched, he’s often at the gym still working out 2 hours after class has ended. All of those characteristics, he carries with him off the mats. While most people take off from work the days before and after a fight, this kid worked 8 hour shifts on both. Only taking off the day of the fight. Unreal.”

Our Classes

With the successful transition of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu into the Mixed Martial Arts arena, and the surge of popularity in MMA, Evolution Grappling Academy provides Mixed Martial Arts classes in Beacon, NY. Whether a hobbyist, or an athlete looking to step into the cage, or you’re simply interested in improving your self-defense skill set, Evolution Grappling Academy welcomes you.

For more information on MMA in Beacon, MMA In Fishkill, or MMA in Wappingers Falls, you can contact us by visiting our website at or by calling us at 845-214-8134. EGA serves residents looking to train MMA in Coldspring as well as MMA in New Windsor. To schedule your free trial class in MMA, or any of our other programs such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sambo, Boot Camp or Martial Arts for kids in Beacon contact us TODAY!

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