Successful weekend for Evolution Grappling Academy

Evolution Grappling Academy has a busy but successful weekend.

This past weekend was an eventful one for Evolution Grappling Academy(EGA). Students  competed in 3 different states, on 3 different platforms in 2 days. On Saturday, several students headed out to New Haven, CT for the North American Grappling Association’s (NAGA) event. Saturday night, the fighters of EGA were in Rutland, VT fighting in XCP: Civil War. On Sunday, a couple of students headed to New York City, for the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation’s (IBJJF) New York Open. It was both a busy and successful weekend for the grapplers of Evolution Grappling Academy.

NAGA – New Haven, CT.

Six grapplers from Evolution Grappling Academy competed at NAGA’s New Haven event.

A few of the Medalists from EGA

Champions at NAGA

Representing the kids division, was 12 year old Joan Demetroules. Joan finished the event with two Gold Medals in the Gi and a Silver Medal in No Gi. Grappler’s Tyler Carlyon and Adam Firestone both competed in the beginner’s division. Tyler ended the afternoon on the podium twice taking home the Gold in both the Gi and No Gi divisions. Adam also found himself on the top of the podium, winning the Gold medal in the Gi.

The advanced grapplers out of EGA, Coach Mike Palladino, Andrew Geisler and Aaron Feinberg all medaled as well. Coach Mike Palladino won the Middleweight division, having two matches and ending both by submission. Andrew Geisler won the lightweight expert division, submitting all of his opponents. Aaron “Sloth” competed in the both the Adult Men and Master’s Purple belt division taking home two Silver medals. Out of 6 competitors, EGA took home 10 Medals.

XCP: Civil War MMA

Boomer and Nick after their fights at XCP

On Saturday evening, two fighters from Evolution Grappling Academy fought at XCP: Civil War in Rutland, VT. EGA Striking Coach, Nick Spencer fought at Light Heavyweight(205 lbs.) and Isaiah “Boomer” Sackey-El a Thaishodo Fight Pit/EGA product fought at Middleweight(185 lbs). Both fighters put on dominant performances in the Mixed Martial Arts bouts. Nick’s performance saw his opponent tap out in the 1st round due to a Rear Naked choke. Boomer displayed his technical skills in striking as he dominated his opponent with a flurry of punches, ending his fight in the first round by TKO. Two very solid performances from these two great fighters.




After and eventful Saturday, the competing continued on Sunday, as a few grapplers headed down to NYC, for the IBJJF NY No-Gi International Open to cheer on their grappling teammate Vinny Fernandez. Fernandez weighed in at 138 lbs, 11 lbs under weight for his Featherweight Division(149.9). Vinny proved that size wouldn’t matter on Sunday, as he put on a dominant performance en route to the top spot on the podium. Vinny had four matches, 3 in a row ending via submission. His first three matches combined lasted less then 3 minutes. In his fourth and final match, Fernandez’ impressive performance continued as he dominated his opponent, taking the victory on points (13-2).

Vinny on the top of the podium.


It was a jam packed weekend for Evolution Grappling Academy. Having grapplers and fighters successful at three different events in three different states, in two days is a great feeling. All in all it was a great weekend, with 8 grapplers taking home 11 Medals(8 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze) and Two fighters earning first round victories in their MMA fights. The tribe will continue to work hard in the gym in preparation for the next events ahead of us.

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