FAQ’S/Class Information

What can I expect in my first BJJ class?

  • Greetings
  • Warm-Ups (exercise and stretching)
  • Drills (non-resistant)
  • Technique (The days lesson)
  • Drills (resistant)
  • Live Rolling (Sparring)

Class begins with a greeting then we begin formal exercises and stretching. After getting warmed up we begin a series of non-resistant drills followed by the days technique where the teacher will show 2-3 maneuvers or positions which the students will drill back-and-forth. When all techniques have been displayed and the students are confident with the positions we then start a series of drills with resistance. When drilling is ended class will then begin it’s live sparring.

What do I wear to my first class?

Shorts, Sweats or Yoga pants and a T-Shirt are the best options.

I don’t exercise often and I’m out of shape, should I “get in shape” before trying class?

There are NO prerequisites to training at Evolution Grappling Academy. Many people start grappling without any prior athletic experience. Whether out-of-shape, unfit or overweight attending class will help you by increasing your cardiovascular conditioning.

I’d love to train, but am I too old?

NO! At Evolution Grappling Academy we have students from 12 yrs old to 55 years old. We strive to provide our students with the very best instruction they need to further their training.

What is the environment like? Do I call the teacher Sensei?

Evolution Grappling Academy is a very warm and friendly environment. There is no bowing, and the instructor is not referred to by anything other then his first name. BJJ is not  dogmatic in it’s approach to instruction and learning.