Beacon Jiu Jitsu: March in Review

March proved to be a busy month for the Grapplers of EGA. The Beacon Jiu Jitsu school participated every weekend in a tournament in March.

From Albany, to Boston the first half of the month, to New York City and Connecticut the latter half.

It was a busy month indeed!


NAGA Albany

On March 3rd, NAGA was in Albany, NY. We had 7 competitors from our team there. In the adults divisions we had Frankie(3rd),  Kenny(1st), Jon(1st), Boomer(1st) and Andrew(1st).

L2R: Frankie 3rd, Kenny 1st, Jon 1st, Boomer 1st, and Andrew 1st

In the Kids divisions, were Will and MJ who both took 1st in both their Gi and No Gi divisions, at the event in Albany.

Will with his Gold Medal and Sword and MJ with his 2 Gold Medals.


Grappling Industries Boston

Electric Chair, Inside Sankaku and Imanari Rolls

On March 10th, Nick Spencer took 1st Place in the No Gi Division, and 2nd in the Gi. Mike Palladino took 1st in No Gi and 2nd in the Gi.

Nick Spencer in 1st


Mike on the Podium in both divisions.

Mike took 1st in No Gi and 2nd in the Gi


Two Leg Lock Finishes for Mike:

Imanari Roll to Estima lock


Butterfly guard to Inside Sankaku:


Grappling Industries NYC

On March 24th, EGA had 15 competitors make the trek to Baruch College in NYC. It was a fantastic event!

The Adults of EGA:

Here are the results:

Adam F.  1st place No Gi and 3rd Gi

Carlos: 1st Gi

Cookie: 2nd Gi and 2nd No Gi

Joey M: 2nd No Gi

Matt S. 1st No Gi and 2nd Gi

The Darce Choke and it’s Variation’s:

A technique we’ve been focusing on at EGA has been the Darce choke and it’s variations. I was very happy to see a total of 6 Darce Choke variations hit at this tournament from 3 different students. Here is the ‘Sonic Roll to Marce” by Adam Firestone


Matt S. Would have gotten the MVP award if there was one. He was on Fire. Matt had 11 matches, with 3 Darce Chokes, a Rear Naked choke and a guillotine.

Another Highlight of the day was Joey M’s two Tomoe Nage to Armbars on his way to earning the Silver Medal.

Evolution Grappling Academy kids:
Joan, Izzy, Niko, James, John, Noel and Jaevon all did great!

Evolution Grappling Siblings Niko and Izzy both took 1st place in their divisions.


Joan D. Also took 1st Place

Beacon BJJ student, Joan took 1st in the Gi and No Gi.


James R. 1st

Another Beacon Jiu Jitsu stand out was James R who took 1st in his very first tournament.

John C took 1st after 5 matches.

John C showed why Evolution is a beacon of grappling.

Noel takes 2nd.

Noel took 2nd place in the Gi. The Beacon BJJ student looked sharp.

Jaevon takes 2nd in his first tournament:

Jaevon took 2nd place. He did great in his first tournament.


Tap Cancer Out 

The last tournament of March was Tap cancer Out in Hamden, CT.

We had two grapplers from our Kids Program compete, MJ and Joan.


MJ took 3rd Place:

EGA’s MJ B. is a warrior! Taking 3rd place after 3 tough matches!


Joan 1st:

Beacon BJJ Student Joan 2 had 2 submissions to take 1st.


Joan’s 1st Match

Joan’s 2nd Match:

Very proud to see all the success from everyone!


Keep it up!





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