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About the Combat Grappling System

The Combat Grappling System is a realistic self defense system that focuses on the practicality of a real life altercation. For an individual to truly know how to defend themselves they must truly know applicable techniques and using combinations of these applicable techniques. Blending BJJ and Sambo creates an incredibly realistic self defense system. When a self-defense situation arises it’s often by surprise. There’s no referee to ask “Are you ready?” or to determine what’s fair or unjust. Understanding this, the Combat Grappling System addresses multiple self-defense situations. A  few of the scenarios the system covers are “How to properly approach and subdue an assailant”, “How to escape a myriad of bad positions including attacks from behind or the side, “Reversing “bad” positions”, and “How to properly break up fights”. Using a proven formula, the Combat Grappling System is a genuinely effective method to modern Self-Defense . The main philosophy of the system is simply “The best way to defend yourself is to effectively know how to.”

Combat Grappling

About the Instructor

Mike Palladino Pan American Medalist

Mike Palladino Pan American Medalist

Mike Palladino is the owner and Chief Instructor of Evolution Grappling Academy, a Martial Arts school in Beacon, NY. A practitioner of combat sports for close to a decade, Mike is a Pan American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Medalist and multiple time Submission Fighting champion. In 2012, Evolution Grappling Academy opened it’s doors. Providing classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, and Combat Grappling. Enhancing his skill-set as an Instructor as well as a competitor, Mike has traveled internationally for training trips to Rio deJaneiro, Brasil, Moscow, Russia and the Netherlands. With his experience and extensive knowledge, Mike has become a training partner for top UFC contenders as well as Olympic Champions. With his credentials, Mike has become the “Go to” source for Self-Defense/Defensive Tactics among law enforcement, teaching Cadets at the prestigious West Point, Correctional Officers of the CERT Team of maximum security prison Green Haven and the Marine Corps at Stewart Air Base in Newburgh, NY.

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