Keenan Cornelius Seminar at Evolution Grappling Academy!

Monday, November 20th – 6:30pm

On Monday, November 20th Keenan Cornelius will be conducting a Seminar at Evolution Grappling Academy in Beacon, NY. The attire for the Seminar will be in the Gi. The seminar will be from 6:30pm and end at 9:30pm. To purchase your tickets to the Keenan Cornelius Seminar at Evolution Grappling Academy click here: Keenan Seminar tickets


Keenan is arguably one of the most innovative Jiu Jitsu practitioners to ever step foot on a mat. His approach in “thinking outside the box” is un-paralleled. Keenan’s success with his innovative positions and techniques has lead him to multiple championships at the highest level. In addition to successful technical ability, Keenan is a very thorough and very articulate teacher which can be seen in any of his technique videos on YouTube, Facebook or even on his website Keenan Online

Getting Keenan to conduct a seminar at Evolution Grappling Academy is a great honor. Keenan has been at the forefront of technical development in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A tall, lanky grappler, Keenan uses technique to the best of his ability to often overcome much bigger, stronger opponents.

Keenan Cornelius is one of the most well rounded grapplers. Well known for his ‘Worm Guard’, Keenan is the goto source for lapel based guard play. Using the lapels of his opponents to often tie them up, slow them down, and create opportunities for himself. Keenan is also tremendous at Guard Passing, using various grips to effectively pass the guard of his opponents. Wrestling is another very strong area for Cornelius, don’t believe me? Check out THE BEST KEENAN HIGHLIGHT EVER!

Evolution Grappling Academy

Evolution Grappling Academy is conveniently located in the beautiful Hudson Valley city of Beacon, NY.  Approximately 70 miles north of NYC, Beacon is easily accessible by train (East of Hudson Line to Poughkeepsie) or car. Beacon, NY is 35 miles West of Danbury Connecticut and 40 miles south of Ramsey, NJ.

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