Matt “The Law” Lindland

Fishkill Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Fishkill MMA

“Let’s be real, Jiu Jitsu is the most realistic form of Self-Defense…”

Matt "The Law" Lindland, US World Team Coach, Olympic Silver Medalist, UFC #1 Contender, Team Quest MMA Co-Founder

 Vlad Koulikov


“Mike Palladino is an excellent grappler, having trained hard with the best in many grappling arts. His love for grappling combined with the way he blends different arts and cares for students makes the academy a fantastic place to train and learn!” 

Vlad Koulikov, Sambo Champion, US Sambo Team Coach, Master of Sambo & Actor

Nina Cutro-Kelly

Kids-BJJ-classes-in-Fishkill-BJJ-in-Fishkill-Fishkill-Sambo-Fishkill-JudoEvolution Grappling Academy is an excellent place to train and workout. Mike Palladino is an excellent coach and leader who is devoted to his academy and to the sport. I enjoyed my time presenting judo and sambo skills for BJJ and the welcome I got from EGA. I know I can come back anytime and get good training and patient instruction.

Nina Cutro-Kelly, Female Grappling Star, 5X Senior National Judo Champ & World Sambo Champion

Anthony Charles

Anthony Charles, EGA Student

Brian Boersma

“EGA has excellent and technical instruction!”


Brian Boersma, EGA Student, 2X New York State Section One Finalist

Nick Spencer

“I highly recommend EGA…”

Nick Spencer, Amatuer Muay Thai Fighter, EGA Student

Sean DeLeon

Simba Naga

“I drove a little over 60 miles almost daily to train with Mike Palladino at Evolution. Going to a new school can be a little intimidating, but I found all my fellow students to be very welcoming and friendly-yet serious about class time. I chose to stay in Mike’s class because his teaching is detailed. I was able to quickly understand the techniques each day. I have tried many bjj classes in my time and nothing comes close to the training you will get from Evolution! Within two months of training, I entered into my first novice level competition at NAGA. Having Mike at my corner instructing and encouraging me was really awesome. That is something you probably won’t get from other schools. I was able to bring home a second and a third place medal to proudly represent my team. Mike is my trainer, my corner coach and my friend. I recommend anyone from beginners to advanced bjj to join Team Evolution!”


Sean DeLeon, EGA Student