New Study: Grappling, most common skill in Hand 2 Hand combat

A look into Evolution Grappling Academy’s “Combat Grappling System” : A Hand to Hand (H2H) Combat system designed for civilian Self-Defense and Law Enforcement Officers.

On a daily basis Law Enforcement officers around the world put themselves and their safety at risk in the line of duty. Now more then ever, Officers are being faced with many variables that were previously non-existent while on the job. Technological advances like Cell phones and Cameras often record videos of combative subjects resisting arrest or even assaulting officers, and many Law Enforcement officials are taking up Martial Arts as a means to further their knowledge and experience in Self-Defense tactics for their own safety. All Law Enforcement Officers graduate from an Academy which prepares and teaches officers a variety of toolsets in a minimal amount of time. One of these toolsets at the Academy is Defensive Tactics in which little time is spent on a few out-of-date techniques. Cases of combative suspects against officers are rising on a daily basis, as is the need for effective Hand to Hand combat and Defensive Tactics techniques.

Hand to Hand Combat or commonly called “H2H” is a physical altercation or confrontation between two or more persons in “grappling range” or a very short distance not involving the use of a firearm(Tueller Drill) or other distance weapons. In a SWAT Magazine article published in 1983, Salt Lake City, Utah Police Sargeant Dennis Tueller wondered “How close is too close?” when recognizing the predicament many Police Officers faced. The dilemna of an officer shooting his firearm too early, risking charges of murder or shooting his firearm too late, risking injury or even death. This dilemna gave Tueller the idea to run an experiment, he wondered how fast can a knife weilder cover a distance of 21 feet? The results were an astonishing 1.5 seconds, Sargeant Tueller concluded that was too brief of a time frame to accurately or effectively shoot your firearm in the heat of the moment. With understanding these results comes the acknowledgement of necessity to learn effective combat grappling techniques.

Mike Palladino instructs Cadets at West Point as apart of the Combatives program.

Mike Palladino instructs Cadets at West Point as apart of the Combatives program.

In a recent study(January 2013-November 2014) conducted by The West Point Military Academy Center for Enhanced Performance, researchers analyzed 30 Post Combat Surveys from US Army Soldiers between 2004-2008 upon their return from Iraq and Afghanistan deployments. Out of the 1,226 Soldiers surveyed, 19%(216) reported being involved in a Hand to Hand combat encounter. The Soldiers’ reports indicated that hand to hand combat had occurred in a variety of scenarios. The most effective techniques in Hand to Hand Combat were in the art of Grappling. Due to the natural instinct of individuals to clinh while in a real-life, unchoreographed fight, grappling was the most common skill set used in Hand to Hand Combat encounters. An incredible 72.6% of altercations utilized grappling techniques, followed by the use of weapons (e.g. rifle butt strikes) at 21.9% and at a lowly 5.5% the most uncommon skill utilized was that of striking(punching, kicking). Researchers stated that “These results further reinforce that Hand to Hand Combat remains a relevant demand and the US Army should continue such training with an emphasis of grappling skills practiced across a variety of performance settings.

The Combat Grappling System consists of eclectic and effective fundamental techniques from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Sambo and other Combat Martial Arts. With the definition of Hand to Hand combat being that of a physical confrontation in grappling range; it is imperative to know a multitude of takedown techniques, defensive techniques and offensive techniques such as strikes, submissions, sweeps/reversals and dominant positions. Weapon retention techniques are also essential in the Combat Grappling System when teaching Law Enforcement or permitted Firearm holders. The Combat Grappling System is a comprehensive curriculum devised by Mike Palladino with the help of multiple Law Enforcement Officers from the NY State Troopers, NYPD, and Correctional officers. Gathering information through the personal experiences of these Trooper’s and Officers, the Combat Grappling System was formulated to ensure effectiveness in realistic scenarios. Mike Palladino has taught Law Enforcement Officials, West Point Military Combatives Seminars, and for the USMC MCMAPS programs. He is the owner and Chief Instructor of Evolution Grappling Academy in Beacon, NY and is available for seminars World wide.

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