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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for kids in Beacon, NY


There’s a new children’s Martial Arts school in Beacon, NY. This past October, Evolution Grappling Academy moved it’s fulltime operations to 395 Main St. Beacon from it’s previous location at a Fishkill Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School. The children’s program is getting a lot of positive feedback from parents and children alike. While many children “dread” the daily routine of going to karate class, that’s not the case at EGA. WHY? Continue reading.

Not your “Average” School

We’re not your average Martial Arts school. At Evolution Grappling Academy our philosophy for children’s martial arts is probably different than your “average” martial arts school. While many parents begin their child’s journey into martial arts for respect or discipline, or just to get young “Johnny” out of the house, EGA focuses on the importance of engaging children with physical activity in a fun environment to practice the importance of living a healthier and more positive lifestyle. Respect, Discipline, Self-Defense and Confidence are all elements that will be obtained at EGA, but it’s the environment and outlet for exercising and physical activities that are the real benefit.


The EGA Kids at the Tap Bullies Out tournament

The EGA Kids at the Tap Bullies Out tournament

A Constructive Activity

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is such a constructive activity for children. While many schools that practice traditional martial art techniques (forms or kata’s) a child’s attention span can only “put up” with these for so long. To truly spark a child’s interest, they must enjoy what they’re participating in. Fostering this “fun” environment  through the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, children’s minds become receptive to  learning, socializing, having fun and being physically active. Nowadays, with the major advancements in technology children become more and more inclined to stay inside and play video games on a gaming device or tablet. Seasonal sports are only a few weeks long and once the season’s finished it’s back to figuring what to do or where to go…That’s where EGA comes in Handy!


No Contracts!

No Contracts!


When we said we weren’t your “Average” school we meant it! At Evolution Grappling Academy we pride ourselves on the fact that we have NO CONTRACTS! Zero commitment is required. Almost every martial arts school you’ll encounter will require a six month minimum commitment. At EGA we’re not looking to nickel and dime parents. We understand the importance of having options and sometimes things “come up”. What’s there to risk? Give us a call TODAY! Stop in TODAY!(395 Main St. 2ND Floor Beacon, NY) For more information contact us at 845-214-8134 or visit our website

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