Coach Mike Palladino on the Grappling Central Podcast

EGA Coach Mike Palladino on Grappling Central Podcast

Recently, I had the pleasure of being a guest on the ‘Grappling Central Podcast’. It was a true honor to be featured on this podcast for many reasons. For starters, the Grappling Central Podcast is the #1 ranked BJJ and Grappling podcast on iTunes. Secondly, this podcast has featured many grappling legends as guests such as Marcelo Garcia, Rickson Gracie, and Roger Gracie to name a few. To be featured on the same show as these legends is nothing short of an honor.  I’m very thankful for the opportunity and I hope you guys enjoy it.


Here’s a link to the Podcast Episode:

Episode 271: Mike Palladino

Host Ryan Ford and I go over many things in this hour long podcast. Here are some of the show notes and topics that are covered.

• The Atlanta Open

• Origins

• How Pro Wrestling led him to BJJ

• His father’s Judo background

• Learning from Vlad Koulikov and Formiga

• Online learning

• Helping students find their own game

• Training gi and no-gi

• Demoting himself as a brown belt

• Why you shouldn’t worry about belts or stripes

• Comparison is the thief of joy

• Why a purple or brown belt catching a black belt isn’t a big deal anymore

• The value of an instructor who has competition experience

• Competition mindset / Mushin mind

• Take down training

• The Pummel

• His goal to have 100 matches this year

• Competing as a school owner

• Balancing a sport and self defense curriculum

• The three S’s

• Sport grappling for self defense

• Why Boxing and BJJ is a great combination for fighting and self defense

• Teaching at West Point Academy and training corrections officers

• His future goals


Here’s a Highlight from a recent tournament :


Here’s a video of me teaching the Lock-Down Half Guard and some sweeps:




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