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EGA Coach teaches Combat Grappling at Green Haven


Beacon, NY Martial Arts Instructor Mike Palladino recently ran a “Combat Grappling Self-Defense” Seminar at a maximum security prison in Stormville, NY. The seminar was for the CERT team at Green Haven Correctional Facility. Green Haven has a long history with construction starting in 1939. It was finally opened in October of 1949 after years of delay. The prison has housed a who’s who of some very violent criminals. John Gotti, “Lucky” Luciano as well as Ronnie DeFeo(inspiration for Amityville Horror) are just a few of the criminals the prison has housed. Eighty-three percent of inmates are convicted of violent crimes and Sixty Percent of Green Haven’s inmates are serving life sentences( ).


Combat GrapplingThe CERT team is a squadron of highly trained officers that are the first to respond in emergency situations such as prison riots. At the seminar Officers of the CERT team were provided instruction of highly effective and detailed techniques. Officers were taught applicable techniques to realistic and probable scenarios that they have or may encounter while on duty or off. The CERT team consists of brave men up to the task of disregarding their safety in defense of others.


Mike Palladino is the owner of Evolution Grappling Academy (EGA) in Beacon, NY. Formerly, the academy was a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school in Fishkill, NY. EGA’s Combat Grappling is a system designed for Self-Defense and fighting. For a person to truly defend them-selves and be confident in doing so, they must experience being in practical scenarios. Situations for self-defense are nothing short of a surprise. There’s no referee preparing you or to check “Are you ready?”  An altercation can spark at any given moment.


Correctional Officers at Green Haven sacrifice their safety and comfort on a daily basis to help ensure the safety of citizens. In a maximum security prison there’s nothing more “to lose” to an inmate who already has a life sentence. To understand this mindset, officers were put in multiple real-life situations.  Some of these situations included dealing with a surprise attack, how to break up a fight, how to properly subdue an attacker and how to properly stand up. While these were some of the techniques shown, it’s also important to recognize the true detail that lies within these techniques.




Self-Defense is a vital part in protecting yourself, your property or another individual from harm or physical malice. The only supplement to feeling confident or secure in the case of an unexpected altercation is a solid preparation. Evolution Grappling Academy’s Combat Grappling System is for teens and adults and is open to the general public. If you are interested in classes or would like more information come in to EGA TODAY! Located at 395 Main St. (Second Floor) in Beacon, NY or call us at 845-214-8134. Visit our website at

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