Beacon BJJ: Teaching LEO’s Combat Grappling in Albany

On a daily basis, Law Enforcement Officers risk their health and safety in the line of duty. Physical altercations can, and often do, arise out of no where; and it’s important for officers to possess the skills and knowledge needed to protect themselves and others. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu equips officers with proper, battle tested, and reliable techniques.

Why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Teaching Officers the Combat Grappling System in Albany.

One of the most powerful benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is it’s emphasis on positional control. Unlike traditional Martial Arts that teach to strike and retreat, BJJ leaves the practitioner in position for the “3 S’s”. Strike, Submit or Subdue.  Strike – Brazilian Jiu Jiu techniques traditionally don’t emphasize striking, however; they leave the option open. Submit – Pain compliance techniques, are joint manipulations that allow you to control an aggressive or unruly assailant. Subdue – One of the major tenets of BJJ is positional control, which is controlling someone with your bodyweight using proper technique, leverage and positioning.

Last week in Albany, NY, State Correctional Officers from 60 different State Prisons experienced a three hour Defensive Tactics “Combat Grappling System” Workshop. The Combat Grappling System was devised by me, Mike Palladino and some of my students who are active Law Enforcement Officers. My school, Evolution Grappling Academy in Beacon, NY houses a variety of Local Police, State Police, Correctional Officers and Military Personnel. Gathering, these officers together, they came up with a list of the most common scenarios and then devised technical strategies for dealing with these commonalities.

For retention purposes, it’s paramount that these techniques are practiced on a weekly basis. If you are a Law Enforcement Officer anywhere in the world, I highly recommend that you do some research in your area and find a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy and start attending. Many schools offer a Police or Military discount. The tuition is an investment into both yourself and your career.

A great experience teaching Defensive Tactics to our State Corrections Officers.


It was a great honor to be able to spread some of techniques and knowledge I’ve learned over the years to these officers. I look forward to our next Work Shop.

If you would like more information on classes at Evolution Grappling Academy, contact us via our website contact form or give us a call today.

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